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About The Event

About The Event

Teknos is the technical festival conducted by Department of Electronics, Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kochi for the very first time in 2020.As one more year pasess, DOE is rising with its first edition of TEKNOS 2020, promising two days of technical wonders and entertainment. This iteration of one of the best technical festival to make you abuzz with excitement. Prepare to lose yourselves in the startling infinitude of time as the countdown for the test begins today with just few days to go


Department of Electronics,
CUSAT , Cochin - 22,
Kerala, India


17-18 January 2020

Event Speakers

Here are some of our speakers

Speaker 1

Ms. Deepali Baranwal

Business Analyst, TCS

AI in real world

Speaker 2

Mr. Harilal Bhaskar

CEO, ATAL Incubation Center

The Evolving role of AI in business

Speaker 3

Mr. Pramod S

Director and co-founder, WIOO Pikings Pvt Ltd.

Professor & HOD, VKCET

Role of IoT in various sectors

Speaker 4

Mr. Shilen Sagunann

(Chairman, CEO, Mentor, Investor), SS Consulting Kochi

Startup Entrepreneurship


Event Schedule

Here is our event schedule

Event timing and details


Harilal Bhaska

Invited Talk Mr. Harilal Bhaskar

The Evolving role of AI in business.

Pramod S

Invited Talk Mr. Pramod S

Role of IoT in various sectors.

Robo War

Robo War

What is more powerful than the indomitable combination of your intelligence and the strenght of metal? Teknos2020 presents ROBOWAR where it takes real power, tricks and keen interest to survive as the struggle is real. For rules and regulations refer registration link

Treasure hunt

Treasure hunt

There is a map. Map leading to the most valuable treasures of all times. Buried somewhere in the heart of campus. Use your wits, Solve the clues and get to the treasure before anyone else does.For rules and regulations refer registration link

Line follower

Line follower

Robot Must follow the black line. The Competition area has a special place defined for robots operation. The Bot has to goes through a pre-defined track with minimum possible time(track will be a maze and bot needs to solve the maze). Design of track will be described only on the day of event. For rules and regulations refer registration link

Deepali Baranwal

Invited Talk Ms. Deepali Baranwal

AI In Real World

Shilen Saguna

Invited Talk Mr. Shilen Sagunan

Startup Entrepreneurship



The Science and Technology quiz event of Teknos 2020. The scientific and technological milestones that has propelled humanity forward towards infinity and beyond. Join us and be part of this exciting knowledge hunt to discover the gems of trivia that lie hidden along the shining path of human achievement. For rules and regulations refer registration link

Pc assembling

PC Assembly

The disassembled PC with each screws removed will be given to canditates. With in the time limit it has to be assembled and has to be Fixed. For rules and regulations refer registration link

stars of teknos

Stars of Teknos

Team have to go through several stages. They will be tested based on their attitude and mental strength. The one who posses the ability to complete this challenges will be named as the STAR of TEKNOS. For rules and regulations refer registration link

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Robo WAR

Treasure Hunt

Line follower

PC Assembling

Star of TEKNOS

Event Venue

Event venue location info and gallery

Department of Electronics, CUSAT

The Department of Electronics was instituted in the year 1975. This is envisaged as a postgraduate department in Master's degree and Ph.D. programmes in frontier fields of Electronics.


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